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Interactive Touchscreen and VR Experience for AAON Mobile Tour
AAON Inc. is a world leader in efficiently creating comfortable and healthy indoor environments by manufacturing premium HVAC equipment. They design, manufacture, and sell semi-custom heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment for commercial and residential use.

When AAON began constructing their new 53-foot trailer to be the headline of their new mobile tour, they reached out to Groove Jones to develop high-end interactive tools and demonstrations for their sales team.

The Largest Interactive Display on the Road

The largest touchscreen display installed in a mobile trailer is inside the trailer at 24 feet x 5 feet. It runs along the back wall of the trailer and allows multiple users to engage with it simultaneously.

The Touchscreen Wall features numerous custom-built interactive experiences for salespeople to guide a customer through various demonstrations. We built an isometric 3d video of AAON’s R&D Lab, the Norman Asbjornson Innovation Center located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The interactive experience allows you to tap and view the various highlights of the 65 foot tall 134,000 square foot facility.

People can explore the Environmental Chamber, Air/Chiller/Sound Over-Under Chamber, and even watch animated trucks and overhead cranes, lifting 20 Ton HVAC units throughout the space.

Tap on any call-outs to zoom into an area of interest and launch a modal window to get details about the location and specialized features or functions tested in that location.

The Interactive Touchscreen wall also includes AAON’s catalog of HVAC units that can be viewed and explored via 3d models. Tap and zoom into each unit to learn more.
We also added a custom media player that the team can use to run a variety of videos during an event. This can run across three primary viewing areas simultaneously, or it can be customized to view videos and interactive units.

AAON VR – Three Unique VR Experiences
The AAON team wanted a truly immersive experience that could transport their customers into their facilities and allow them to interact with their products. So Groove Jones produced multiple VR experiences.

The trailer included multiple VR stations that allow customers to drop into the latest VR headset.

When customers drop into VR, they are transported into a branded AAON lobby, where they are welcomed and can select from 3 different VR experiences. They can choose from an interactive Rooftop Experience and two narrative 360º tours.

The Rooftop Experience is a thrilling ride for anyone as you find yourself on the edge of a skyscraper, where you help a helicopter pilot with a high-altitude installation. Inside the headset, you can look out at the city below and around you.

The Groove Jones team had fun adding all kinds of detail. Just look over the railing if you dare, and you can watch cars far below as they move through the city.

All of a sudden, you hear the roar of the helicopter engine and blades chopping through the air as it hoists a 40-ton HVAC unit to the rooftop. Your job, place your hands on the unit and help guide it safely into place.

Once placed securely on the rooftop, participants can activate hotspots on the HVAC unit and learn what makes AAON products.

Activating some hot spots cause the doors of the HVAC unit to swing open to reveal more details.

The Groove Jones team also produced two live-action 360º VR tours of AAON’s Longview Factory and the Norman Asbjornson Innovation Center – AAON Research and Development Laboratory. Touring their factory or innovation center is always the highlight for any customer that gets the opportunity to visit. By using VR, the Mobile Tour takes the locations to you.

The Live-Action Production
The Groove Jones Live-Action team traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Longview, Texas, to shoot the 360º videos. For each production, we used a drone for external and internal shots of the facilities.

Inside the Trailer
Groove Jones worked with Spevco, a leading supplier of mobile exhibition trailers, hospitality trailers, and mobile marketing vehicles. The trailer is 53-foot long with a retractable glass side, which creates over 1,000 square feet of interior space.

AAON will be using the trailer as part of their mobile tour within the United States. For more information visit – https://www.aaon.com

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