Ford Motor Company is Using a Gamified VR Experience to Demonstrate the New Co-Pilot360™ Safety Technology

Consumers and the press got a chance to take a VR driving experience in the 2019 Ford Edge and Explorer vehicles, that took them on a journey from their home, a drive on a busy highway and then into the city. This five-minute interactive experience put them in a variety of scenarios where they faced numerous obstacles and hazards to demonstrate the safety technology.

The users attempted to react to the hazards and obstacles with a game controller to see how they measure up against the Co-Pilot360 technology. This was achieved by programming eye tracking into the experience to accurately understand which obstacles they noticed versus the ones that they missed.

These new DAT (Driver Assisted Technologies) are becoming an important part of your everyday life. This was the first time an automaker demonstrated the technologies in a side by side comparison, giving drivers a firsthand experience to test their abilities and compare against a DAT ride along.
• You will RIDE along and experience the how DAT systems work.
• You will get to REACT and compete against the new technology and test your reaction skills.
• Then you will get to REVIEW how your reactions compare with the new Ford DAT technology.

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