Modelo Mister Cartoon Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Web AR

Modelo selected Mister Cartoon to star in their latest Super Bowl spot this year. The commercial tells how Mark ‘Mister Cartoon’ Machado used his Fighting Spirit to perfect the street look that made him a street legend.

For this year’s Dias De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration, the Modelo team worked with Mister Cartoon on some custom labels and point of purchase displays featuring his unique artwork style.

Mister Cartoon AR
Groove Jones was thrilled to work with the Modelo team again to create a unique face AR experience using Mister Cartoon’s artwork. The AR experience allows Modelo drinkers over the age of 21, to transform themselves into one of three Mister Cartoon-designed sugar skull faces to celebrate Dias De Los Muertos.

The Groove Jones worked with Mister Cartoons’ illustrations and animated the painted look and feel as well as created three-dimensional versions for the AR effects.

We utilized DeepAR’s SDK to create custom Javascript to conform to the user’s face and added animated painting effects as if they are being tattooed in real-time. The Web AR effect is embedded into a React JS site, which enabled the team to create an elegant build-out for the UI and overall site design.
The campaign highlights two custom can labels designed by Mister Cartoon.

The campaign is supported by a social media push for fans of Mr. Cartoon or Dias de los Muertos to try out the camera effect.
Check out the effect at

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