In 2005, I helped create the Hunt for Grievous online Shockwave games for the movie Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. It was a huge honor to build a game for the movie launch. We went to Skywalker Ranch (actually slept on the ranch) and got to read the script to create the games. Each game was based on a part of the movie. The whole campaign was a tie-in with Skittles - where you could unlock lightsabers using the colors of the Skittles candies.
Below is a video from Conan O'Brien that did a bit on his show - making fun of it as he thinks it looks like Shittles, not Skittles. I do admit it was a wrong choice of font for the title.
Every bag had different images of characters from the movie. It was actually my idea to change the insertion rates of different bags, for some characters were less likely to be found in a pack. (I used to create baseball cards, so I thought the packs might be collectible one day.)

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