EDM Artist Marshmello Instagram AR Face Game Achieves 3.2 Million Views in 48 Hours

Groove Jones was brought on board to create an AR experience for EDM artist Marshmello and his 28 million followers on Instagram. The “face game” uses your face’s gestures and movements to control the gameplay. This is one of the first interactive games to debut on the Instagram platform. Needless to say, it was a huge hit. Over 3.2 million people engaged with it or viewed videos of the game in the first 48 hours after it launched.

Falling To Pieces
The game features the track Falling to Pieces by Marshmello and Crankdat. Off of the album Joytime III. This is the third installment of Marshmello’s explosive Joytime series. During the game, we added an electrified animation of the album cover and place the users onto it.

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