NBC Once In A Lifetime Olympic and Super Bowl AR Portal Experience

STN Digital partnered with Groove Jones to help their client NBC Sports with a new activation celebrating a “Once in a Lifetime” event for NBC when both the Olympics and the Super Bowl will occur on the same day.

Fans have the opportunity to step into an AR world where they are in the center of an Olympic celebration in Beijing or on the football field for the Super Bowl and take a selfie.

Fans that attend on-site events can scan a QR Code to launch the 360 Explorer mode experience. After activating the camera effect, fans will be placed within a 360 portal on top of a snowy mountain in Beijing where they can stand in front of a ski run or an Olympic winner stand.

By swiping a toggle button, they will be transported to a Super Bowl celebration scene.

Selfie Camera Moment

Fans can then go into selfie mode by tapping the camera icon on the screen and posing in their favorite location to create a sports moment to share on social.

For sports fans that do not attend one of the on-site activations, they can visit https://nbconceinalifetime.com and experience it remotely. The experience is for mobile phones, so if you visit the site on a desktop or laptop computer you will be greeted by a landing page that will provide a QR Code to scan and activate with your mobile device.

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