Midea “Ride The Wave” Retail AR Product Demo Experience
Midea America Corporation specializes in home appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, laundry appliances, and much more. They called on Groove Jones to create the augmented reality experience to promote their new Wave-Impeller 4.5-cu ft High-Efficiency Impeller Top-Load Washer. This retail AR experience utilized native AR to bring it to life.

Groove Jones worked directly with Midea’s internal creative team to create the Ride the Wave Augmented Reality Experience. This interactive AR experience is for customers to activate at Lowe’s retailers and highlights all the best features of their washing machine’s latest technology.
In-Store Retail AR Promotion

Customers learn about the AR experience via point of purchase displays and graphics on the washer. By scanning a custom QRCode located on the graphics, they are taken to the Ride The Wave AR – https://ridethewavear.com site.

Once activated the user will see a dynamic product demonstration highlighted by a miniature surfer, who rides the wave created by the washer’s unique and proprietary Wave Impeller.

As the surfer moves up and down around the wave of water, the demonstration highlights the key product features.
The Wave Impeller – provides a superior wash compared to traditional top load washers.
Verticle Jets – circulate clothes efficiently for outstanding cleanability.

Boosting Paddles – propels water upwards for improved water flow during the wash and rinse cycles.
Tow Stage Dispenser – releases in the normal amount of detergent in 2 stages to boost cleaning power and reduce odor.

At the end of the AR animation, the customer will the surfer catch a final wave as he lands on top of the washer and waves hello.
The experience includes the ability to take photos or to save an animated movie clip of the experience to share.

The experience can be viewed by visiting your local Lowe’s or visiting the https://ridethewavear.com site.

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