Experience head-up and eyes-forward flying with the Head-up Guidance System (HGS™) from Rockwell Collins. With this application, you can use your iPad® to simulate flying an approach into Innsbruck, Austria, under a variety of weather conditions. Use the Career mode to build your skill, or take on the Challenge mode with user-defined settings if you are already an expert. Follow the guidance cue in and see just how much our HGS technology helps you fly precisely, every time.
- Your hands hold the yoke - tilt forward to nose down and back to nose up, and turn your device left and right to steer

- Designed by pilots to challenge other pilots, but simple enough to learn that anyone can enjoy

- Get the boss to their meeting on-time with a business jet, or safely deliver your passengers with an airliner

- Pick Career to build your skill, or dive right in with Challenge mode

- Experience all kinds of weather, such as crosswinds, rain and fog

- Use Synthetic Vision to “see” the terrain during day, night or fog

Download the iPad app here - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hgs-flight/id571321011?mt=8

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